Dinosaurs for Kids

Need some information about dinosaurs for kids? You are in the right place.

Fun facts, pictures and information in a kid friendly format! 

I know my kids always wanted to know the same things about dinos! How big they were.  Where did they live? Who did they eat? And of course, what happened to them?

Here is some straightforward information to get you started. Let's take a look at who is who, and meet some of the dinosaurs! 

About Dinosaurs

Who is Who?

Let's meet some of the dinosaurs on this site. Click on each one to find out all about them. Each page will tell you some facts, show you pictures - and let you know how big they were, what they ate and more! 

The Meat Eaters

These are the meat eating dinosaurs that hunted prey or scavenged. Some are considered omnivores - that means they ate a mixture of plants and smaller animals or insects.

The Plant Eaters

These herbivores ate plants. They often lived in herds and grazed on plants and ferns.

More dinosaurs and reptiles

There were lots of interesting animals and reptiles living the same time as dinos. Check out who could swim, and who could fly.

When they lived

There are three main time periods during which dinosaurs roamed the earth - Triassic, Jurrasic and Cretaceous. 

The Cretaceous Period

Want to know more? There is lots more information on this site - do take a look around and see.

Dinosaurs for Kids
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