List of Dinosaur Names

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Cartoon Stegosaurus Dinosaur

The name 'dinosaur' itself means 'terrible lizard'. The name was given to them by Richard Owen, a British Scientist. He studied animal fossils for several years, and belived that the bones came from a new group of animals - a group that at the time was unknown to science. He picked the word dinosaur by combining two Greek words - deinos (which means terrible), and sauros (which means lizard).

Many dinosaur fossils are still being discovered. They are normally named by the person who finds them, or by the paleontologist who confirms it is a new type. The name then has to be approved by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

They are often named according to where they were found, or something unusual about them. Sometimes their name reflects the type of dinosaur they are thought to be. Check out the list below to see the meanings of some of the the most common dinosaur names.

List of dinosaur names

Dinosaur Names Meaning of Name
Albertosaurus Alberta Lizard
Allosaurus Different Lizard
Ankylosaurus Stiff Lizard
Apatosaurus Deceptive Lizard
Baryonyx Heavy Claw
Brachiosaurus Arm Lizard
Camarasaurus Chambered lizard
Carnotaurus Meat-eating bull
Coelophysis Hollow Form
Compsognathus Elegant Jaw
Corythosaurus Helmet lizard
Deinonychus Chambered lizard
Diplodocus Double-beam lizard
Edmontosaurus Lizard from Edmonton
Euoplocephalus Well-armoured head
Gallimimus Chicken-mimic
Gigantosaurus Giant Southern Lizard
Giraffatitan Giraffe Titan
Hypsilophodon High Ridge Tooth
Iguanodon Iguana tooth
Janenschia Named after Werner Janensch
Jobaria Jobar (a creature of Sahara legends)
Kentrosaurus Spiked lizard
Lesothosaurus Lizard from Lesotho
Macrurosaurus Long Tailed Lizard
Maiasaura Good Mother lizard
Mamenchisaurus Mamen Brook Lizard
Megalosaurus Great Lizard
Minmi From Minmi Crossing
Notoceratops Southern horned face
Ornithomimus Bird Mimic
Oviraptor Egg Thief
Pachycephalosaurus Thick headed lizard
Parasaurolophus Beside Saurolophus (another dinosaur)
Plateosaurus Flat reptile
Protoceratops First horned face
Psittacosaurus Parrot Lizard
Riojasaurus Lizard from Rioja
Saurolophus The ridged lizard
Saurophaganax Lizard eating master
Seismosaurus Earth shaking lizard
Spinosaurus Spine lizard
Stegosaurus Roofed lizard
Stegoceras Horned Roof
Styracosaurus Spiked lizard
Triceratops Three horned Face
Troodon Wounded tooth
Tyrannosaurus Tyrant lizard
Tyrannotitan Tyrant Titan
Velociraptor Quick plunderer
Wannanosaurus Wannano lizard
Xiaosaurus Dawn lizard
Yangchuanosaurus Yangchuan lizard
Zigongosaurus Zingong lizard

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