Dinosaurs for Kids

Have you got kids that love dinosaurs of all descriptions?

Kids-dinosaurs.com is here to help! 

Kids Dinosaurs
Whether you are looking for dinosaur pictures, coloring pages, activities, toys or games - we share it here (in a kid friendly format!).

Children love dinos - and usually want to find out all about them.

As a Mom, I got frustrated trying to find simple, easy to follow information to share with my kids. I didn't want to wade through complicated descriptions that my children didn't understand.

Kids-Dinosaurs.com is my answer! Simple, easy to understand facts for you to share with your kids (or students!) - and lots of pictures!

Dinosaurs for Kids - Facts, Pictures, Printables

Let me help you with all the dinosaur facts and information you need for your kids project, lapbook or unit study. Or incorporate it into your school lesson plan. 

Take a look around at my top dinosaurs. Find out about Dinosaur Extinction. Or just catch up with some dinosaur news.

Dinosaur Printables

Print out some coloring pages. Do a word search. Or make some mini Dinosaur printable booklets (perfect for a lapbook or unit study!)

Got a dinosaur lover in the family? Don't forget to check out my gift and party ideas.

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