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Linhenychus Monodactylus Facts for Kids

Are your kids interested in Dinosaurs?  Linhenychus Monodactylus has just been found - a new dinosaur! 

Find out about its size, habitat, diet and more! 

Linhenychus Fast Facts

  • It was named Linhenychus because it was found near Linhe.

  • It belongs to the family of Therapods.

  • Linhenychus were carnivores.

  • They lived in the Late Cretaceous Period.

  • Their height was about half a meter (2 feet)

  • They weighed the same as a large parrot.

Linhenychus Dinosaur - New Dinosaur Discovery

More Dinosaur Details

Linhenychus Monodactylus were carnivores, living alongside club-tailed dinosaurs, horned dinosaurs and small cretaceous animals.
Linhenycus Timeline

They lived about 84 to 75 million years ago - in the late cretaceous period. This was at the same time as some really big meat eating dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus, Albertosaurus and Spinosaurus - find out about other cretaceous dinosaurs.

Its dinosaur classification is Therapod.

Linhenykus is a very unusual dinosaur because it had only one finger bearing a large claw. Most other therapods start with 5 fingers and then evolve to 3.

More questions you may have :

  • What did it eat?
    Because of their single claw, some researchers think that these dinosaurs used their hands to dig up termite nests.

  • Where did this dinosaur live?
  • Linhenykus Dinosaur Map - where did they live?

  • How big was the Linhenykus?
  • Linhenychus  - New Dinosaur Size

    They stood about 2 feet tall (half a metre)and weighed about the same as a large parrot.
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    News source : University College of London.