Dinosaur Printables

Looking for some fun and educational Dinosaur Printables?

This selection of printable mini-dino books, coloring pages and tracing worksheets are just the thing for your lessons, lapbooks or unit studies.

Dinosaur Printables - free mini dino booklets

Dinosaur Tracing Pages

Tracing lines and shapes is a great activity for younger children. It helps to develop hand to eye co-ordination and dexterity. 

Combine this activity with dinosaurs for even more fun!

Dinosaur Tracer Sheets

Dinosaur Mini-Books

This selection of mini-dinobooks prints 1 per page - then folds into a small 8 page booklet. You can find folding instructions on this site.

Dinosaur Printable - Carnivore Booklet

Carnivores - kids love them!

This mini-book contains 6 of the best. There is space underneath each dinosaur for your child to write some facts or information about them.

Meat Eating Dinosaurs Mini-booklet

Dinosaur Printable - Herbivore Booklet

Interested in the larger plant eating dinosaurs?

This mini booklet contains 6 plant eaters - with space for some notes.

Dinosaur Printable Herbivore Booklet

Printable Dinosaur Fact Workbooks

These small workbooks fold into a quarter page booklet. Each one covers a single dinosaur.

There is a space for your child to write facts about the dinosaur (such as weight, length, meaning of the name) - and a blank page for them to write other interesting details. Folding instructions are in the image below.

How to fold these dinosaur printables:

How to fold your dinosaur Mini-book

To fold the mini books, first fold your printed copy in half lengthways with the images on the outside. Then make a second fold to make the booklet. The cover and back page should be on the outside, with the facts pages inside.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Need some coloring sheets?

These dinosaur coloring pages will be just the thing.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Word Search

Yes, I have some word searches too!

4 different printables ranging from very easy to harder! Something for everyone.

Word Searches

And why not also check out these dinosaur word activities.

More Dinosaur Activities

Still looking for printable activities. Check out these fabulous ebooks!

I hope your kids enjoy these printouts. Do check back later - I am adding more all the time.

Dinosaur Printables
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