Biggest Dinosaur

Largest Dinosaur Facts for Kids

Want to know which is the biggest dinosaur? 

Find out who are the giants of the dinosaur world - the tallest, heaviest and largest of them all!

The World's Biggest Dinosaur

The giant plant-eating sauropds were the biggest and heaviest dinosaurs to walk the earth. 

Of these, it is thought that the newly discovered Dreatnoughtus, was the largest.


A recent fossil skeleton has been found that has allowed scientist to calculate that the massive Dreadnoughtus was

  • Length (nose to tail) 26 m/85 ft
  • Head and neck length 12.2 m /40 ft
  • Neck-only length 11.3 m /37 ft
  • Tail length 8.7 m 30 ft
  • Shoulder height ~ 2 stories (6 m / 20 ft)
  • Weight 65 tons

Find out more about Dreadnoughtus

The Diplodocus is slightly longer than this (27 m or 88 ft) but much lighter. And the Dreadnoughtus found was still growing!

Diplodocus - Longest Dinosaur

Was Dreadnoughtus really the biggest? 

Well, it is the biggest that scientists have been accurately able to measure. Other pieces of skeletons have been found that may belong to even larger dinosaurs - but it is difficult to say for certain. 

  • Amphicoelias may have been 58 metres (190 ft) in length,  and up to 135 tons.  But the only fossil remains have been lost.
  • A full skeleton of Argentinosaurus has not been found, but scientists think it may be between 22–26 metres (72–85 ft) long and weigh about 80 tons.

So the Dreadnoughtus is the largest, heaviest dinosaur we know about - for now!

Biggest Meat Eater

Sauropeds are big but they are all herbivores (plant eaters). What about the biggest carnivore?

Spinosaurus was the biggest of the meat eating dinosaurs.

Their length was up to 18 metres (59 feet) and they weighed up to 20 tons.

Biggest Pterosaur

You probably know of Pterosaur as Pterodactyl (which isn't really a species). But these massive flying reptiles could get very large indeed.

The biggest of them all was the Quetzalcoatlus, which was probably the largest creature ever to fly.

They had a wing span of about 22 feet (10 metres). When flying it would have measured about 26 feet (8 metres) in length.  The largest flying creature today is the albatross which has a wingspan of onl7 11 feet (3.5m). 

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Biggest Dinosaur
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