How to Draw a Dinosaur

Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Kids

Learn how to draw a dinosaur step by step!

This easy tutorial will show your kids that drawing a Tyrannosaurus Rex is simple! You will have them drawing dinosaurs in no time!

My thanks to Jan Wood Harris for sharing this great tutorial with us. Jan has a wonderful drawing book for children - check it out here.

This tutorial will show you an easy way to draw a T. Rex. Start at the beginning and work your way through!

How to draw a dinosaur - easy step by step T. Rex

Step One

how to draw a dinosaur step one

Start by drawing a line down the center of the page.  Then draw an 'S' shape, with the 'S' a bit wider in the middle and growing longer at the end. Observe how the 'S' connects with the middle line and try to copy it.

Add a tear-drop shape to the 'S' and a wobbly line near the bottom. This will be the ground.

Step Two

How to draw a T Rex - step two

Now you need to draw in the head and the tail. See how the middle line is used to help guide where you draw.

Step Three

How to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Take it slowly and add in the lines one at a time. Draw in the legs as far as the knees. Think of a 'V' shape to help you draw the arm. Now draw in the rest of the head.

You can now, very carefully, erase the middle line.

Step Four

Drawing a Dinosaur step by step

Your dinosaur drawing is starting to look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

You can now add some feet by following the lines.

Don't forget to draw in some claws, an eye, some teeth and your dinosaurs tongue!

Step Five

How to draw a dinosaur - shading your T. Rex

Now you can bring your Dinosaur to life by shading him! Add the spines down his back first - watch how they start small, get bigger, then smaller again.

Take your time to draw in the texture. Use tiny 'u' lines here and there. Blend with your finger to smudge and create softness.

So now you know how to draw a dinosaur!

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