Dinosaur Footprints

Looking for facts, information, images and pictures of dinosaur footprints?

Footprints have been made (and found) all over the world when their owners walked in mud or sand. Different tracks would be made by different dinos, depending on their dinosaur classification.

A two-legged meat eater like T. rex leaves a 'bird like' track with long toes - whilst a four legged plant eater would leave a print something like an elephant does today.

Like skeletons of dinosaurs, footprints give us clues about their appearance and habits. For example, a deep set of tracks tells us the owner is heavy - and lots of tracks together could show that the dino moved in herds.

If you would like to see dinosaurs in their fossil state, then check out these pictures of dinosaur fossils.

The pictures below show some dinosaurs tracks that have been found. Click on the small images to enlarge them and get a better look!

Dinosaur Footprints from State Park Several Dinosaur footprints Single Dinosaur Footprint
at State Park
Several tracks

Dinosaur footprints at Flagstaff Dinosaur footprints of Gigandipus Dinosaur footprints
at Flagstaff
Gigandipus print

Dinosaur footprints Dinosaur footprints from Pegadas Dinosaur footprints at Pegadas
at Pegadas
at Pegadas

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Were you looking for printables too? Check out my dinosaur coloring pages.

Dinosaur Footprints
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