Pictures of Dinosaur Fossils

Images and pictures of dinosaur fossils.

All the pictures below show dinosaurs in their fossil state.

Scientists have used fossils to learn all about the dinos. Fossils are the remains of ancient animals that have been excavated from sedimentary rock. This lets us see the shape of the animals bones - their dinosaur skeletons.

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Pictures of Dinosaur Fossils - heterodontosaurus Pictures of dinosaur fossils - Confuciusornis Pictures of Dinosaur Fossils - Pterodactyl

Pictures of Dinosaur Fossils - Camarasaurus Lentus Picture of Archeologist with dinosaur fossil Pictures of Saurolophus Fossil
Camarasaurus Lentus
Archeologist with Fossil

Picture of Protoceratops baby fossil Picture of Archaeopteryx Fossil Allosaurus Skull
Baby Protoceratops
Allosaurus Skull

More Dinosaur Pictures

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Pictures of Dinosaur Fossils