Where did Tyrannosaurus Rex live?

Where did the Tyrannosaurus Rex live? Have you thought about the the Dinosaur T. Rex living in Australia?

Find out what new discoveries have been made about the T. Rex Dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurs Rex Dinosaur Habitat

Up until recently, it was thought that the dinosaur T. Rex lived only in North America and Asia.

Tyrannosaurs Rex Dinosaur Map - where did they live?

Scientists have recently discovered a hip bone belonging to an ancestor of Tyrannosaurus rex. They found it at Dinosaur Cove in Victoria, Australia.

This amazing discovery leads them to believe that the Tyrannosaurs may have lived all over the world - and that more Tyrannosaurus remains or skeletons may be discovered in Africa, South America and India.

The new bone came from a dinosaur that lived earlier in the Cretaceous period (around 110 million years ago)than the T. Rex (who lived around 70 million years ago).

During this time the continents gradually went from a single supercontinent towards something like we have today.

The new tyrannosaur is from the mid-stages of this continental break-up, when the southern continents of South America, Antarctica, Africa and Australia had separated from the northern continents, but had not separated from each other. If the dinosaur made it to Australia, then it could have easily gone to the other southern continents too.

But now the question scientist want to answer is : Why did tyrannosaurs evolve into giant predators such as T. rex only in the northern hemisphere? Or did it?

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Source : University of Cambridge.

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