Pictures of Dinosaurs

Looking for images and pictures of dinosaurs?. Here are some dinosaur pics that are perfect for your project.

Of course we can only guess how dinosaurs really looked

Dinosaur skeletons can tell us how big a dinosaur was, and what its shape was. But we don't really know what color they were. Scientist can only make an educated guess - and we are learning more and more all the time.

The pictures below show how people think dinosaurs looked based on what we know about them.

How do you think they looked? Why not draw a picture and we will put it here on the site. Just send your dinosaur pictures here.

To get a better look at the pictures below - just click on the small images to enlarge them.

Pictures of Dinosaurs - Abrictosaurus Pictures of Dinosaurs - Abrosaurus Pictures

Pictures of Dinosaurs - Centrosaurus Pictures of Dinosaurs - Edmontonia Pictures of Dinosaurs - Giganotosaurus

Pictures of Dinosaurs - Megalosaurus Pictures of Dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Pictures of Dinosaurs - Velociraptor
Dinosaur T Rex

More Dinosaur Pictures

The images on this page are all (to the best of my knowledge) in the public domain. So feel free to use them as you wish.

Public domain clipart can be used for educational purposes, on your website or blog, or for any commercial project.

Were you looking for printables too? Check out my dinosaur coloring pages.

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