What really happened.....

by Danielle Frasure & Cheyenne Garcia
(Corpus Christi Texas Nueces county)

Over 65 million years ago dinosaurs lived here just like we do, except with out all of the buildings and cars.

They had houses, learning facilities, the beach, and all the things they needed to survive. eventually through time they started running out of resources just like we are. Damaging the earth (like us as well).

The dinosaurs started reproducing at an uncontrollable rate with caused over population and slim food choices. The herbivores were eating too much of the plants that they needed to breathe and others needed as well, and the carnivores were eating the herbivores more than necessary due to greed and power, you know, who's the biggest, strongest, dinosaur.

See, the cycle of their old life style changed from how it used to be so much that it started to cause certain important dinosaurs that they needed to survive to go extinct which caused the surviving dinosaurs to mate with others of the same bloodline and lead to possible inbreeding. the left over dinosaurs that survived all of this destruction couldn't complete certain tasks that were necessary to survive not to mention they probably had severe deformities that made them a guaranteed "easy catch". as the years went on they became more sluggish, lazy, and unable to recognize their instinctive side.

So they all got eaten by alligators, the ones who stayed lurking in the water, away from the others and their decisions, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. eventually that time came and they took over the dinosaur world as they knew it. that is why the alligator still exists today, tomorrow, and the future to come.

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