Dinosaur Extinction Theory - Catching a Cold

by Logan
(New York)

Once upon a time there was a planet filled with millions of wild life, including the dinosaurs.

They lived for a very long period of time but soon realized that life was kind of getting boring. So without hesitation the dinosaurs took a sleeping pill and off they went to sleep for exactly 45 million years.

When they awoke they saw that where they lived was now covered with a cold white substance, which they called 'snow'. After playing a while in the snow the dinosaurs soon got bored and headed into their caves or a warmer place with not as much 'snow'.

The next morning they awoke feeling really tired. Then suddenly "HAAACHUUU"!!! One of the dinosaurs sneezed. Then all a sudden all the dinosaurs sneezed! They then lay down feeling as sick as ever, not able to move any of their muscles. They stayed there for such a long time that they slowly started to die, but before they did a great big woolly mammoth came past. A dinosaur asked the great big woolly mammoth, "why are you not lying on the ground"? The great big woolly mammoth replied, "because I have lots of woolly fur which keeps me warm". Then all the dinosaurs suddenly realized they were dying because they had gotten too cold, making them not able to move.

Sadly, after a while all the dinosaurs died. The moral of the story is 'if you're going out into the snow put a coat'!!!!

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by: Anonymous

This theory is very articulate. I belive it is right to congratulate you on such ground breaking new evidence. I must inquire- what is your basis for this theory? to let you know, I have written a news article about this phenominon that is your theory. I am waiting for a letter of approval. once again, congratulations.

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