Acid Rain caused Dinosaur Extinction

by Scott

Well, I am Scott and this is my theory.

Okay, I think the dinosaurs were experiencing acid rain, which is not literally rain that is acid. Acid rain is sometimes known as a chemichal which includes sulphus dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

Whilst the acid rain became more graduate the dinosaurs fought until there were only thousands left. All the dinosaurs had ran to cover, experiencing things no other life form had before. They must have fought so hard that they became so tired their bowels could not hold in waste (They weed and left droppings!) Then eventually the dinosaurs shared so little body heat it was creating ice, which then caused the Ice Age.

Approximately 5 full months later the ice had melted and caused floodings worldwide.

Nobody knows the exact theory but in mine it caused a tsunami and drowned 589 of the remaining dinosaurs. which leaves 411 dinosaurs. The remaining dinosaurs might have starved to death, during the tsunami it had swept away the remains of the other dinosaurs, grass and plants. That meant the dinosaurs could not eat anything. Dinosaurs are like us humans, they are smart and have to make sacrifices such as eating one another. It was the only thing they could do to survive so nobody is to blame.

It it said that the carnivores were the last to survive because they can eat pretty much anything. But unfortunately the herbivores were up for the sacrifices due to them having most meat in them and not being able to actually eat the remmaining dinosaurs. That left us with 295 carnivores and 0 herbivores.

Now just for my last bit of my theory, The carnivores did not run out of food or die of acid rain, they might have actually decided just to give up, a population of 295 would not be able to survive till the moment we speak, remember to have fate in dinosaurs, Our holy father knows what sacrifices they had possibly made to keep us where we are, in our world.

I am Scott
Age, 9

And this is my theory on how dinosaurs became extinct.

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